Couldn’t Allah just say….

Have a look at this discussion on our FB group. This is quite typical of the Traditional Muslim to quote half a verse and claim this is what Allah commanded us to do. To take what the messenger gave (59/7). Context tells us otherwise. Here we need to ask though, couldn’t Allah simply just say ‘The Prophet explains Quran through his hadith. Follow them’.

The Muslim’s True Sentiment About the Quran

It is perhaps the height of irony that when you tell a Muslim that you follow only the Quran, they sometimes look at you with scorn and derision. You are not telling them that you’re following Satan but it may as well be something like that, for all the negative reactions which I’ve seen.

For all the slogans Muslims cry about the Quran, how it is an imcomparable miracle of the Prophet till judgement day, the Quran is woefully inadequate for them. They quote at the most half verses, almost never full verses, let alone whole passages or chapters. From these half quotes, they will produce pages upon pages of explanation which have little or nothing to do with the half-verse they quoted. This is the true Muslim sentiment about the Quran.

This is what needs to change. The Quran must be allowed to speak freely and to define Islam in total. This is what Quranists seek to do.