Couldn’t Allah just say….

Have a look at this discussion on our FB group. This is quite typical of the Traditional Muslim to quote half a verse and claim this is what Allah commanded us to do. To take what the messenger gave (59/7). Context tells us otherwise. Here we need to ask though, couldn’t Allah simply just say ‘The Prophet explains Quran through his hadith. Follow them’.


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2 Responses to Couldn’t Allah just say….

  1. lunaa81 says:

    Discussing the issue of Sunnah with Quranists usually gets interrupted by the argument that we Sunnis quote ayaat out of context so that they fit our twisted interpretation. As luck would have it, Farouk, you have already mentioned the same point in your post!

    Personally, I don’t think quoting half or full context of (59/7) would change the meaning at all. simply because the ayah starts with afaa’.. then the verb switches to aata? So let’s turn the tables and ask the question, If Allah wants to limit or restrict the meaning to the context of fay’, could not He use the same verb he opened the ayah with? Thus, it would be like this: wa ma afaa’ aalaikum? Instead of changing it to aatakum? Why did the verb suddenly change? To me this change has added an “all-embracing” sense to the ayah; it allows its meaning to include all of what the prophet “aata” whether it comes in the form of fay’, orders, name it! 🙂

  2. That is a VERY thought provoking response, Lunaa. In 15 years, it’s the best response I have ever come across. Masha Allah.

    You’re right, the verbs DO change. But then, so does the ACTOR. 59/7 starts with maa afa ALLAH. So Allah permits for us. Then you got wa maa ataakum RASULU fakhudhuh. The ataa shows that the Rasool is the agency of bringing that fa’i.

    Thanks so much for a fantastic argument.

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