Islam, islam and the Quranist

Not to confuse you, but there are two ‘islams’:

Islam and islam

Islam is the name of a culture. There are people with Islamic names, who eat Islamic food, who sing Islamic songs, who want to protect Islamic lands, who are attached to Islamic traditions. When you read a book called Islam for Dummies, it is describing this Islam.

islam is the name of a philosophy. this philosophy’s goal is the attainment of salam or peace. It seeks to take human beings to a place where is no conflict, harm or danger. it does not need a particular host culture to work. it can work in any culture whatsoever.

Quranists seek islam. They can be from the culture of Islam or not, but they seek islam.


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6 Responses to Islam, islam and the Quranist

  1. I’m just tired of associating the retarded Arabic culture of veiling body parts, banning art, enslaving women and having your honor between the legs of your sisters with “islam”.

    I’m also tired of “Muslims” thinking the world must be “Islamic” and having no respect for “islam”. 🙂

  2. Rizwan Sherazi says:

    Great work here Farouk…. well put…. ‘Quranists seek Islam’ I can totally get with that and it makes it a description rather than a self assigned title…. great stuff brother. Salaamun alaykum

    • Thanks bro 🙂

      • moizbillah says:

        I read your comment. Insightful. You may want to check out my blog for my insights into verses of the Quran, particularly the poem :The Opening. My blog is at The Quran is a living book which speaks to our hearts

  3. knowlij says:

    Salaam brother,
    So I take it you are a Quranist? Although according to modern terminology the phrase is accurate, I really don’t like the sound of it – I am a Muslim. Not Sunni, not Shia, not Salafi, not Sufi. All of these are divisions and causing divisions is forbidden in the Qur’an.

    “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”

    I believe in Allah alone and only follow the Qur’an. I believe all the haddith to be false and not from God.

    And btw, I’m new to wordpress 😀 – Help me out here insha’Allah 😀


  4. knowlij says:

    Brother excuse my opening of my previous post – the page loaded half way down and I completely missed the obvious “Quranists Network”. LOL.

    If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.


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