If the Messenger were free of fault…

If the Messenger and Prophet Muhammad were free of fault, then why would Allah SWT create a “what-if” scenario in chapter 69 (al Haqqah)?

69:38 I swear by what you see
69:39 What you do not see.
69:40 This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.
69:41 It is not the utterance of a poet; rarely do you acknowledge.
69:42 Nor the utterance of a soothsayer; rarely do you take heed.
69:43 A revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
69:44 Had he attributed anything falsely to Us.
69:45 We would have seized him by the right.
69:46 Then, We would have severed his life-line.
69:47 None of you would be able to prevent it.
69:48 This is a reminder for the righteous.
69:49 We know that some of you are deniers.
69:50 That it is a distress for the ingrates.
69:51 It is the absolute truth.
69:52 Therefore, you shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.

Not to mention all the other occurrences where the Prophet was forgiven or accused of a sin.


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9 Responses to If the Messenger were free of fault…

  1. Hassan says:

    This states that if messengers attributed falsehood then they’ll be punished so they did not utter falsehoods..

    • Correction: It says if he taught anything after the Quran (‘ba3dha al-aqawweel’) then he would be killed. So its got nothing to do how truthful the Prophet was.

      • Hassan says:

        At-last you said of the prophet’s mistakes… so that i assumed you are talking about prophets mistakes. They can do mistakes and they were forgiven not punished but if they utter anything wrong they’ll be punished… because that is not their own will. Mistakes have nothing to do with the verses… in my opinion…:)

      • Hassan,

        If it’s not their own will to sin, then why were they “threatened” to be punished? Forgive me, but “threatened” may not be the best word to describe this either, for this was not threat, but a formula of “if” and “if-not”.

        You said, “..but if they utter anything wrong they’ll be punished… because that is not their own will.”

        Do you not see that it would be absurd to say a child will be grounded for something, for example, if he has no free will to screw up in the first place?

        So why is there a punishment that HAS to be applied to the messenger if he were to add his own teachings to the Quran if you say he is incapable of that anyway?


  2. Hassan says:

    At the time of revealing the verses it is easy to say that Muhammad was lying and making himself words as poet. But it was not. Righteous would understand that if he lied about GOD, HE will punish him.

    I need to clarify what mistakes messengers did… is it with the revelations or personal judgements ?? I need the verses please.

    • Lets start with 66/1 : Making things haram which Allah made for him.

    • I’ll have those in another blog post soon. Stay tuned. 😉

  3. Hassan says:

    But why didn’t GOD punish if he attributed something as a law…. i see all those mistakes done by the messenger were forgivable…so the verses of 69/38-52 are indeed about what he utters as a revelation so that we have to trust him on what he reveals…

    69:51 It is the absolute truth.
    69:40 This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.

    thanks for the verse 66/1… this made lot of sense to mee..:)

    • I wouldn’t deny trusting the Dhikr since it was under God’s protection. 🙂

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