Is Chapter 41 linked to Chapter 18?

I have been looking at Chapter 41. Here are some observations (no conclusions yet!):

I notice the first part is about the good news and warning and bringing the message that God is One, and that we are to be straight/direct, and ask forgiveness. The next thing mentioned is Zakat.

Next comes the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. and a new opposing pair comes up – (41:11:11) ṭawʿan  and (41:11:13) karhan

For more opposing pairs, please see Opposing Pairs I am collecting them so please let me know if you find any more!

41:12 mentions the bimaṣābīḥa which I have added to the Stars/constellations list. There seems to now be a connection between wazayyannā (41:12) and root ba ra jim

41:19 -29 discusses “skins” testifying/witnessing. The hearing/listening and the eyesight (that i think was alluded to in 41:5)  is mentioned. tastatirūna is there in 41:22 from the same root as mastūran in 17:45 to do with a hidden/invisible barrier (hijab, also mentioned in 41:5) and “thought/assumption” (from root znn) comes up a noticeable amount of times: in verse 22, twice in 23 and again in 48 and 50.

In 41:25 I noticed this word was translated as companions quranāa whereas the word usually translated as companions is sahaba.   At this point, the root of quranāa led me to looking at 18:83 to the end which is about  “Dhul Qarnain” l-qarnayni (possessor of the 2 Quarna – seeing as quarnain is a dual) 18:94 and 95 mentions saddan and Also the dual use of l-qarnayni (18:83:4) (18:86:16) (18:94:3) and l-sadayni (18:93) seemed to leap out, though for what reason I am not yet sure.

La yasamu /la yasamūna comes up in 41:38 and 41:49 (the only other place that root comes up is in 2:282.)

41:51 contains a good example of bijānibihi  ( more info on the the junub/janiba word study here)

I was surprised to find out that from 18:83 to the end of the chapter contains more similarities to Chapter 41. In particular barriers / obstacles and eyes/sight and hearing/listening. And covers and concealment.

In 18:90 sit’ran is there (another instance of the root of tastatiruna from 41:22)

Chapter 18 ends with verse 110 with the statement that God is One God. In fact, Farouk pointed out that this is the exact same phrase as the first half of verse  41:6  “Qul innama ana basharunmithlukum yooha ilayya annama ilahukum ilahunwahidun” Say, “I am no more than a human being like you. I am inspired that your God is One God” Please be aware I only quoted half the verse.

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  1. Asfora says:


    root ZNN comes up 3 times in Chapter 18 too

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