Talk is cheap

Quite a while ago, and as it would be a custom here where I live, we had quite a huge book-fair. There would be a one either at some university or by the association of some company or the other to help advertise book shops and publishing offices. I dragged my mother down there at the last day. We spent the time between trying to find classics or novels (and only few people there sold English books) and trying to avoid “softies”.

It was easy for all the buyers to notice the fair was jammed with Religious Books. Bukhari in 6 huge book sections, Sahih Muslim and Sahih Muslim with its interpretation, fancy-looking Qurans, the writings of sexist scholars… etc. This is what makes talk cheap.

These books were sold for minimum prices. There were quite many (the majority, actually) shelves and stands filled with Sharia Philosophy writings. Let’s not forget to mention the stand-keepers were frowning, bearded men. People were flowing out of the building carrying  plastic bags stuffed “Tales of the Prophets” or “Tales of the Sahabah”.

Roaming through those “Islamic” books, I found something somewhat rather “islamic” (non-mainstream; philosophical). I found a book by Adnan Rifai titled “Al Mujiza Al Kubra”. Adnan Rifai is a quran alone author and show guest on Dream 2 TV.

Al Mujiza Al Kubra

Al Mujiza Al Kubra - The Greatest Miracle book by A. Rifai

Although I was not impressed by his show, it was delightful to see a book somewhat “similar” to my personal ideology. I wanted to buy it. I walked up to the stand keeper, and with a quite exited tone he said, “there are only two copies of this book in ——.”

I thoroughly tried to tell him the book’s contents where familiar to me, and finally asked about the price. It would have to cost me around $39, he explained. A $39 is not an easy price in this country; so with a frown I said, “Thank you!” then moved away.

Religious talk is cheap. It’s on TV, on taxi bumpers, in the street, and all over book fairs. A philosophical or alternative approach is always short of support, such as this book.

At this very hour, Salafis are attempting to force this Sharia Law across the Middle East and possibly parts of Europe. What Sharia Law exactly would that be? Apparently, they offer books most citizens here read.

As long as the Quran ensures freedom or religion and expression, the state should be secular, should it not? Especially if the Quran is preaching a human, ethical code – not a Sharia Law based on the opinions of Scholars.


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