I am NOT a modernist.

Read Mushu’s post last night quoting Shah Shahidullah Faridi who accused sunnah-rejectors of being ‘modernists’. This was probably from a collection of essays called ‘Hadith and Sunnah: Ideals and Realities’. Faridi is an English revert who was overwhelemed by the story of the Sufi master Al-hujwiri who wrote Kashf al-mahjub (unveiling the veiled), converted to Islam and eventually become a caliph of the Chistiya tariqa. I thoroughly enjoyed his book ‘inner aspects of faith’.

I however was a little irked by Faridi’s accusation that Sunna rejectors are modernists – I am NOT a modernist. A modernist (jn an Islamic context) seeks to modernise Islam. I am an essentialist. I believe islam addresses man in the exact same way at all times. Nothing essential changes.

A modernist would use words like ‘this law is no longer relevant’. Quranists rarely, if ever, use this argument. They dont need to. The Quran itself is simply not like Traditional Islam.

more on this soon


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