Discussion with Quranic Fundamentalist

A couple of months ago, I wrote on Quranic Fundamentalism, an atttitude among the rejectors of hadith which resembles Islamic fundamentalism (complete with takfeeri language) in that it seeks to exclude anyone who accepts hadith and even Quranists who have different interpretations. Yesterday, I entered into a discussion with one. Here is an element I’d like to highlight for you:

Quranic Fundamentalist:

Welcome! (nice of him to welcome me before calling my views ‘garbage’ below)

Format is not major problem, But firstly remember any word you try to translate which must have been used on other place in the Quran and other popular translator also recognise it [ as translation], plus it do NOT create any contr…adiction, anywhere els in the Quran. Secondly since it’s your claim so you should bring the evidence, and be ready to defend your garbage , so lets deal one by one. So which one [ Kaba/Qibla/Hajj/Location] do you want to start discussing first

My response:

This doesnt seem fair at all. I challenge the conclusions of ‘popular translators’. Where did Allah tell us in the Quran to follow ‘popular translators’? I went straight to the Arabic and made my conclusions from here.

I must say though, I have found this to be typical among Quranic Fundamentalist. Their militant attitude stops when it comes to translations. If a translation says so, it must be true. The logic is confounding.

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I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

One Response to Discussion with Quranic Fundamentalist

  1. HAHAHA! If he already considers your views to be garbage, then what’s there to discuss?

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