Discussion with Quranic Fundamentalist pt 2

Another glimpse of the on-going debate:

Allah [swt] did Not told us to follow YOUR gurus translation either, But the Arabic is understandable by human it is NOT a Alien languages from different planet. So when you/your gurus create a concocted translation it should also be unders…tood by normal people on this planet, it should not create any contradiction either?

My answer: I think the Arabic is clear. I have studied the Arabic and I can say for sure that ‘popular translators’ came up with is very unsupported by the language itself. They created an ‘Islamic Arabic’ which has no Quranic backing at all. A good introduction to this problem can be found in Toshihiko Izutsu’s ‘God and Man in the Quran’ where he documents changes in the language after the institution of Sunnism.

What did I mean by the above? Well it’s like this, before the emergence of Sunnism, Arabic did not have a ‘religious overtone’. Take the word ‘taqwa’. In both the Quran and in pre-Quranic Arabic, taqwa is sense of impending danger which if you have, you will be able to take guard against it. It is not a religious term in that it functions in the world. However, in the religiously constructed Arabic, taqwa is about the guarding of one’s religious rituals in order to avoid punishment after death.

My debate opponent has unquestioningly inherited the assumptions of his popular translators.


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