People still dont get it!

Marisa posted something about setting up a Quranist conference and true to form, some person started frantically yelling that we are all part of the ummah and we should be only using the term Muslim. Here’s my response to him:

Lets say Marisa advertised ‘The Muslim Conference’ (not even American because that must be haram as well, yeah?).  Just simply the Muslim conference. There would be 2 kinds of respondents:

1. People who say ‘wait a second, look at the programme, its all quranic stuff. These people are anti-hadith. Quranists! and they wanted to CON us into joining!’

2. People who dont actually read the programme and go. Then when they see actual Quranists debating the number of salat, they go beserk and ruin it for everyone.

This is why we have the name Quranists. Love it or hate it, you will at least KNOW it. People who oppose this term must look at the 1.2 BILLION Muslims of the world and ask themselves ‘does the world acknowledge the existence of these people?’.


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One Response to People still dont get it!

  1. The term “Muslim” we’re dealing with is Modern Arabic, not “Quranic/pure” Arabic. It’s because the Quran doesn’t deal with terms and words bound to certain times or places.

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