Abu Hurayrah’s Wild Imagination 1

This guy Abu Hurayrah is real scary guy. Imagine, he narrated 5374 hadith that made it into sahih books. Im writing an essay about a fatal flaw in bukhari and I came across this:

The two sheikhs mentioned a tradition that Abu Hurayra had said: “Prophet Muhammad (S) said: The angel of death came to Moses (as) and said to him: Respond to the order of your god! Moses slapped the angel of death on his eye and gouged it. The angel of death returned to Allah (swt) and said to Him: You sent me to one of Your slaves, who did not want to die. He gouged my eye. Allah (swt) restored to him his eye and said to him: Go back to My slave and say to him: If you want to live, you are to put your hand on a bull’s back and see how many hairs stick in your hand. You will live for every hair a year.”

The angel of death was SLAPPED by Musa and Musa gouged out his eyes? Lets entertain this insane notion for two seconds and ask this question:

Did Musa know who the angel of death comes from? Allah obviously. So whose will was he try to subvert? Allah’s will. What a Prophet eh?

Oh, and one small thing which Abu Hurayra and Bukhari missed out. Only the small matter of the Quran saying this:

Quran 6/61: And He is the subjugator over His servants, and He sends over you guardian-angels until, when death comes to one of you, Our messengers take him, and they do not fail

How did master Bukhari not see this? Or maybe the notion that he checked everything against the Quran is just bogus?


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3 Responses to Abu Hurayrah’s Wild Imagination 1

  1. Asfora says:

    gruesome. Reminds me of this: The Soldier and Death

  2. Oh my! I see you have set your mind of exposing Bukhari now. Good luck. 😉

  3. Darcus says:

    Love it. A big slap in the face of the taghoot of Bukhari and his chums… no eye gouging necessary, any rational person would do that after reading the nonsense contained therein.

    I love this retort to nonsense though: “It is because you lack understanding that you are questioning this Hadith, you haven’t studied the 5,191,919 Rules of Hadith Understanding, so HOW can you criticise? eh? and WHO authorised you to question it? eh?”

    The notion that hadiths don’t contradict Quran is seriously flawed and can easily be verified…

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