Abu Hurayrah’s Wild Imagination 2

More on Abu-H’s hadith. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the kind of things which Bukhari let into his collection. It just goes to show the kind of stuff that passes for ‘islam’:

The two sheikhs mentioned that Abu Hurayra had said: “Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “The Israelites bathed nakedly. They looked at each other’s private parts. Moses bathed alone. They said: “By Allah (swt), nothing prevented Moses to bathe with us, unless he had a hernia.” Once Moses went to bathe, He put his cloths on a rock. The rock ran away with Moses’ cloths. Moses followed the rock crying: “O rock, my cloths! O rock, my cloths!” The Israelites looked at Moses private parts and said that Moses was all right. After that the rock stopped. Moses took his cloths and began to beat the rock. I swear by Allah (swt) that the rock had six or seven scars.

How did ‘the Prophet’ know about this rock? Did Allah reveal it to him perhaps? That wasn’t stated.

How did the rock ‘run away’? Did it sprout legs and run off?

Why did the rock do this? Didn’t it know that Musa was a good guy? Why didn’t do this for Firaun’s clothes instead? I thought nature was on our side?!

We need to be very critical, folks. These are matters of faith after all.


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One Response to Abu Hurayrah’s Wild Imagination 2

  1. Leenaena says:

    One of the best (funniest/most absurd) hadith. The rock simply wanted the Israelites to see Moses’ “privates”!

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