Why, just why?

As a Quran Alone Muslim (or Qiuranist, whatever) I can see no actual historical, “godly” or logical value to hadith or the recording of it.

Many hadith are over-sexual or insulting, challenging our idea of a peaceful Islam (if you had that idea in the first place). Hadith has no historical value linking it to the Prophet Muhammed. In fact, many do believe that the recording of hadith and the existence of Prophet Muhammed never met. Add to that, a great deal of hadith have one or more versions where the meaning may change completely.

For example, hadith mentions the Dajjal has no right eye (the left being wiped out), then the other version of the same hadith argues he has no left idea, when ANOTHER hadith argues the Dajjal has a sign between his eyes (but you just said he only has one eye!). What’s even more perplexing is that the Quran mentions NOTHING about this Dajjal.

Although there is no actual proof of the importance or validity of hadith, many Muslims will defend it to death.

Your thoughts?

A new Yahoo! answer posted. Please check it out.  Let me also remind the reader they can log into Yahoo! Answers using facebook without “much” trouble. I’m looking forward to seeing the answers. 🙂


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