For New Quranists: The discoveries never stop!

Read RP’s post straight before this one. It’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘wow’ed’ like that! The last time I remember was reading ‘Quran, Morality and Critical Reasoning’ which is a summary of the works of Dr Mohamed Shahrour. That just goes to show you: The discoveries never stop!!!

If you think you know a lot about the Quran and you’ve never met Quranists, then be prepared for some mental earthquakes.

Here are elements of Quranists which will surprise you:

– The Quran has a completel socio-economic system.  Toluislam goes a long way in showing us how the Quran forms the basis of a government.

– The Quran is not history but rather a living text. IIPC’s lectures show us how immediate the Quran really is.

– The Quran has a very wide vocabulary which is not for just showing off! Rather, the terms are highly functional in articulating it’s philosophy. Dr Mohamed Shahrour whose book I mentioned above is groundbreaking in exposing this.

– The Quran isn’t about religion in the ritualistic sense at all. Aidid Safar in his Mental Bondage in the name of Islam, brazenly shows how various concepts in the Quran do not imply the rituals we think them to be.

And now, we have ibn Nabi whose incisive analysis of the Quran’s grammar shows that there are fresh angles to explore in the Quran. I cant see any flaws in his analysis thus far and I really do think we can now see a much more cogent interpretation than the last!

The discoveries never stop. Enjoy it.


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