One Common Goal

InshaaAllah we can all be increased in knowledge. I personally think that everyone has a unique brain, understanding, viewpoint. If someone says they believe in the Quran, Allah, the Prophets the angels and the last day… I don’t see a huge problem. Maybe some might believe in a special significance of a certain verse about numbers. From what I understand, for some people, the numbers increase them in faith in Allah. I don’t see a problem with that either if that is their sincere belief. Some might let the numbers become the focus instead of Allah’s Words. Letting that happen, to my mind, would be a bit like buying a TomTom but leaving it in its packaging and telling everyone how wonderful the picture on the box is. I’m all for ripping the box open and getting the TomTom installed. Some people like to carefully take it out and save the packaging. Different people, different ways, different methods, one common goal. Allah is the best Judge.


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