I’m just quoting the Quran for you – These aren’t my words!

The statement above puzzles me. It tends to come from Quranic Fundamentalists who, usually in the course of arguments, quotes the Quran at you in order to prove a point. Will they discuss this quotation at all? Never! Because all they’re doing is quoting the Quran. If you disagree, you’re disagreeing with the verses, not them.

Very disingenous.

The fact of the matter is, we are all interpreters of the Quran. The second we start talking about Quran, we are engaging in the process of interpretation. Unless of course, we are merely reciting the Quran.

There was a discussion on facebook today where the verses about Adam and wife was quoted to justify an Quranic prohibition on homosexuality. However, its not just quoted. It was quoted in a specific context by one who is against homosexuality. Therefore, a meaning of the verse was implied and thus an interpretation was made.

Of course, the person doing this denied such a thing. He is not speaking his own words but God’s words. Of course, God never said ‘Adam and his wife’. God inspired the speaker to say ‘Adam wa zawjihi’. Someone pointed out that zawj here is masculine (zawjAH is feminine) and so Adam’s ‘wife’ was a male! Of course this argument was merely to illustrate a point but you get the idea. It’s not simply throwing verses at people.

Usually the people who do this tend to resist any kind of deep analysis of the verses. They claim that it’s chicanery on the part of those who do so. They prefer to rely on ‘Authorised English Versions’ and assume that those are infallible. Oh well….


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One Response to I’m just quoting the Quran for you – These aren’t my words!

  1. Quranic matters were never decided. Another reason I quit beliving in code19 (and THAT person you were speaking of was probably quoting RK’s translation) is that it gives you the illusion that RK (the supposed messenger) came to clarify the Quran (although we just established that no one can teach us the Quran beside God and that we just denied hadith because it’s thought to be the interpretation of the Quran!).

    By making up that so called “authentic” English translation of the Quran, all meanings became “clear”. NOTHING is clear yet! Especially when you don’t even bother studying the Quran alone, but instead read someone’s OPINION about it, blindly follow it, and urge everyone else to by rubbing these translated verses in their faces. Oh and worse, advertise it as GOD’S words.

    This wasn’t the first “ayat” battle and it’s not the last. Freakishly disturbing and useless. This isn’t discussion, but arguing. THIS IS an ongoing practice of emotional blackmail!

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