Playing on Words or Playing with Superficiality?

The ‘Gay Wars’ continue with those who say that homosexuality is wrong. One such guy quoted 7/81 for me and said, this is as clear as day:

Verily, with lust you approach men instead of women: nay, but you are people given to excesses!”

The person in question accused me of ‘playing with words’ when I said ‘min dooni an-nisaa’ means ‘instead of women’ (since he thinks nisa is women) so God allows bisexuality. The fact is, all translations agree with this.

Is it playing with words or is in fact reading carefully? Min dooni was a phrase chosen by God, not me. If God wanted to say lusting after men is bad (if shahwat is lust that is), then why even mention nisaa?

We need to carry out deep analyses of these verses. Everything is not as it seems.


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One Response to Playing on Words or Playing with Superficiality?

  1. I’m sorry to see that many Quranists have been carrying around gossip. You know what I mean by this, and so do you. In conclusion, bad people will always be bad people whether they have the keys of a masterful philosophy or are trapped within the walls of hadith or some earthly man-made intolerant religion.

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