My ego?

How am I (or anyone, for that matter) going to engage in a discussion to supposedly reach an actual conclusion when everyone who does not like what I say will tell me I am a blind follower of my desires?

Only because my understanding of the quran is not like yours [OR YOUR TRANSLATOR’S, for that matter], it does not mean I worship my ego.

The very notion that ANY Quranist (or Muslim, whatever) would tell a fellow Quranist (or Muslim) that they are making an idol of their ego is disgusting, disturbing and nauseating.

Here is a personal promise that I will immediately stop arguing with people who will face me with such accusation (there being one exception, of course – the person will remain unnamed). If I’m not going to learn or share ideas with other people in a discussion turned into an argument, I might as well spare myself the sick feeling of seeing “rational” people turn into complete bastards.


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I have inner peace. Do you have inner peace? No, you just wouldn't understand.

3 Responses to My ego?

  1. Mushu says:

    “I might as well spare myself the sick feeling of seeing “rational” people turn into complete bastards.”

    This gets me. I thought quranists would be beyond this, but alas. Then again, I think I may be guilty of this sometimes too, when I get into a heated exchange. God help us.

    • I got into it yesterday after having been discriminated against as an Arab and continuously called an idol-worshiper. Waste of time.

  2. RP, its all they have. Hurling verses and pretending it applies to us. Forget any kind of deep analysis.

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