Osama Bin Ladin – ‘Death’ of a Myth

I remember when 9/11 happened. I came home to my parent’s place in Malaysia and couldn’t believe what I saw on the telly. It was horrific. I remember how the ‘War on Terror’ began and how Mr Bush effectively used 9/11 to make his neo-colonialist projects happen. We are failures for allowing such a thing to happen. 5% of the people run the other 95%

What does the Quran say about all this? Well if we see the strategies of the Quranic Personalities, they don’t go about spinning counter stories to the myths told by their people. Rather, their response is direct. It is immediate. It is simply to establish deen. Serve Allah. There is no god but he. There’s no room for myth making at all.

Firaun , the arch-enemy of islam has actual myth makers. His sahireen/magicians. Their myths are swallowed by the people of egypt who then support Firaun’s system. This is exactly like Bin Ladin’s ‘messages’ which sporadically come from the unknown. What we need to do is to implement the sunan of the messengers. Establish God’s system and put an end to all lies…


About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

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