The Quran and the Counter Movement 2

Can Quranism ever be at the forefront of the Counter Movement? I don’t think so. Quranism is a specific response to a specific cultural condition. It uses specific cultural references such as quran,islam,deen and tries to re-root these references back into its own socio-cultural millieu, which is Islam. Therefore it is unlikely to be accepted on a global scale as the Counter Movement.

However, this doesn’t mean the Quran itself cannot be used. After all, what is the Quran but a perfect self-actualisation system under the auspices of God? The Quran has the philosophy (qawl in Quranic terms) to lead the counter movement but we dont need to use its original references.

Take for example the word ‘islam’, it means ‘acquirement of salam’ and ‘salam’ is exposed all through the text of the Quran. Why cant we just absorb that philosophy and bring it to the table of the Counter Movement?

The least we can do as Quranists is to export our concepts in the most user-friendly packages available. Dogma is our biggest enemy. The Quran itself is flexible yet those who stand by it are dogmatic.


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