The Quran and the Counter Movement 3

So how can the Quran contribute to the Counter Movement? Well, we must remember, the definition of the the Counter Movement in the context of these musings which is:  the movement which counters the enslaving nature of current world politics

The Counter Movement seeks to liberate humankind and allow them to stand on their feet. It would be against, for example, the economic mismanagement of socialist governments, allowing for inefficiencies through complexification. The larger a structure gets, the more obfuscations one can exercise. In the end, the winners are well placed individuals and corporations.

The Quran is against this. It is for the primacy of the nafs or human personality (among other meanings). It would not be into the building of large organisations where one person leads the show and others serve his policies. That is Firaunic.

But how does the Quran serve this movement? By providing philosophical and spiritual resources. The Quran mentions a number of personalities who are also of the Counter Movement (in a way). These personalities call for the service of Allah and are against taghoot (authorities which transgress). So the proponents can read the Quran for spiritual strength. Philosophically speaking , the Quran gives a lengthy discourse of the dialogue between the Counter Movement of Musa and the fascist Firaun. Here we will be able to see the ins and outs of both sides and thus see what happens in the end.

Truth be told, the Quran is about some form of counter movement, the only thing is, it adds a dose of spirituality to the proceedings.


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