How can we practise the Quran if we spend our lives trying to understand it?

Quranists, more than any other Muslim group in my opinion, have no ending in sight when it comes to constantly studying and revising their views on Quranic interpretation. It’s not that anything is wrong with us. It’s just that other Muslims don’t really think there’s anything more to the Quran than the interpretations which already exist. This is not to insult them but it’s not in their sphere of concerns. Try going into a Sunni or Shia bookshop and ask for a book which analyses the rendition of the story of Musa from chapter to chapter. You will draw a blank because the subject simply isn’t important enough.

But that leaves us with the question of the title:  How can we practise the Quran if we spend our lives trying to understand it?

To me, it works like this: We can practise the Quran immediately by simply reading some short chapters like al-fatiha, al-asr and al-ikhlas. Basically it tells us to believe in God, be good and what life is basically about. Practice according to your knowledge.

However, as you go on through life, you will experience more signs of God. The Quran is the clarification of these signs. We read the Quran, read our lives, then read the Quran, then practise and on and on.

The Quran’s depth in unfathomable. There are an unlimited number of angles which we can explore in the course of lives. Living must of course continue but the Quran acts as like God’s council to us. It keeps us on the straight path.

This is a very organic process and very individual. No two people read the same way so it’s good to share notes. The Quran is the perfect map for the travel of life.


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3 Responses to How can we practise the Quran if we spend our lives trying to understand it?

  1. M. Arif Saeed says:

    Very well explained Forouk. I beleive that as we progress in our understanding of our existence and in our life experiences, we should learn better how to understand the Quran. As a Quranist, the process becomes, in my view, faster because of the undying thirst to get to the truth and because of remoteness from the man-made stories and conjecture. So, as we grow we come closer to the truth (or at least try to) and therefore live the Quran as we understand it at a given point in time. In other words. for a Quranist it is a process that allows us to apply our understanding of the Quran as it gets pure with every passing day. As long as we are sincere in our quest, it does not matter where we are in terms of our understanding, because our effort is all that counts.

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  3. Rizwan Sherazi says:

    I find that in my life, the proof is in the pudding, I simply try and implement any current understanding to see how it works in my life, if it is correct – it will fit and not contradict any of my other implementations. But i firmly believe that whatever a persons current understanding is must be implemented, and if one is in the middle of 2 understandings – implement the last best understanding. I find, if I dont put things to physical practise I wont know if its quite right or not, it remains theoretical to me until tried and tested in my life.
    Excellent article by the way, kudos.

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