Paradise and Hell

A friend of mine said something disturbing to me today. She said she knows she is going to have to spend some time in hell and have her hair burnt off because she doesn’t wear the headscarf, and sometimes she wears short sleeves.

I voiced my concerns that I didn’t think that this is mentioned in the Quran, but she went on to say that after this time in hell for the burning of the hair, then people can go to Paradise.

It was a concept I’d not come across before. I thought Hell and Paradise were “either / or” – either you go to one or the other for eternity. I will have to look up some references to see if there is any truth to this idea that we could spend some time in one before being sent to the other (for whatever reason – headscarf / short sleeves aside), and whether it works both ways. Eg could you go to Paradise for a brief spell and then be sent to Hell for the rest of the time.

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