On the name ‘Quranism’: Darcus Answers:

Observed a fantastic discussion where Darcus Taseen deftly answered a Quranic Fundamentalist about the term ‘muslim’ and Quranist. I’m glad our concept is catching on and it wont be long before our space is marked out:

Quranic Fundamentalist (QF): People don’t get what, man made names, groups, sects looking and searching for something better than what the Qur’an says.

Darcus Taseen (DT):  Quranism is the opposite of a sect because of its inclusive nature as opposed to the exclusive nature of sects such as Sunnis. To be called a Quranist is to identify oneself with accepting the Quran alone – thats all – you can be a 19er an…d be a Quranist for example. This does not take anyone away from Islam in that is the deen which is for us all – the point here is about differentiating oneself so that it is clear about the ideology one follows. Otherwise you could say that every human is a sect all to themselves because their understanding is different. We are all created different so that we can recognise one another … we all accept things differently too. So the label of Muslim cannot simply be applied to all, just like the way that Barelvi Sunnis don’t believe that Deobandi Sunnis are muslims (and vice versa)… However those sects exclude people at the promotion of their superiority. Quranism does not seek to do that, but to include people of different opinion and understanding…none of us can say that we are truly right, but that we are on the path to learning and God willing one day we will learn the absolutes…

QF: Honestly, you sound like the Salafis when they used to say to us, about their special party (Hizb) that being Muslim isn’t enough today and so many other sects have done the same and again you Quranist sound no different from them other tha…n you say you calling to Qur’an. Allah’s Words cannot be corrupted just like Allah’s Deen. Islam is intact as long as the Qur’an is intact and from Islam we have Muslim. No one can corrupted these two uncorrupted words that we were given in the Qur’an. First your a Quranist then you’ll branch off and be other than that sooner or later when the disagreements set in. It’s all the same thing nothing new under the sun.

DT:  that may be. However I am not responsible for how others interpret things, I am only responsible for myself. I am only accountable for myself. If other people decide to abuse something just like the way that being Muslim is now synonymous with being stupid, 7th century, stuck in the past, shariah wanting lunatics.

Conversation with a Semi QF’ist

It seems that Quranic Fundamentalists can never get past the ‘interpretation paradigm’. They think they ‘read the Quran’ while others ‘interpret’.  This particular QF’ist is only half fundamentalist in that he accepts the other Muslims are in fact Muslim. Good for him. Here is the conversation:

Semi QF’ist : You know it doesn’t matter I’m not calling myself anything other than what Allah calls us and that is Muslim. Feel free to call yourselves Quranist all you want soon they will be people calling themselves Tawhidist…I’m not putting myself …in a box of sectarianism feeling the need to make a distinction.

Farouk: Please don’t get delusions of grandeur here, Kidr. No one is trying to persuade you to do anything. I am using this conversation to see if there are angles you guys can come up with. There is none.

 Semi QF’ist: Yes, there are other ways according to the Qur’an to getting to the straight path but Quranist are no different from Traditionalist, Sunnis, Shites in that all of the groups, Hizb, rejoice to “that which is with itself” and this only refers to those differences which you Quranist and other sects use to justify your separation from Islam and now the Quranist have your own definitions and rules and conditions but who makes the rules, defintions and conditions is the question.

F: So you’re calling us MUSHRIKEEN by quoting that passage (30/31-32). Wow. It seems that you have a strong allergy to actually reading the Quran. You seem to quoting phrases totally out of context. Here is the actual context:

Turning in repentance to Him, and fear Him and establish prayer and do not be of those who associate others with Allah
of those who have **divided their deen** and become sects, every faction rejoicing in what it has. (30/31-32)

Are you saying those who follow the Quran divide the DEEN? I don’t rejoice in what I have. I am constantly seeking new knowledge. In fact, that’s the purpose of Quranism, to accept every single approach to the Quran. You have misapplied the verse by ignoring the context.

Semi QF’ist: Regardless if Sunnis, Shites, Salafis and other sects claim other than Muslim if they say they are Muslim that is between them and Allah. However, I will still look at them as Muslims because Islam is a single brotherhood not parts and pieces beginning with labels and names.

Farouk: So this means that there are MANY kind of Muslims. Good. I salute you for saying that. Single brotherhood is not the opposite of having labels. That’s your misreading. (this is where he’s better than full QF’ists).

Semi QF’ist: Farouk, I find you making mockery or just rather being foolish now with dogma saying I’m the new owner of the Qur’an. I don’t have a name calling myself Quranist, I’m not the leader of any groups calling myself this or that I’m just a servant of Allah, a Muslim trying my best to practice this deen of Islam to the best of my ability. I’m not of need of followers. I don’t have a interpretation of my own so please stop with your foolish talk. Yet, you said I follow Salafis in the word ‘manhaj’ and then you was sarcastic about it ——> lol <——- this is what you ended it with.
Farouk: Having a name doesn’t make you a sect. Your attitude however makes you a sectarian. You say ‘I don’t have an interpretation of my own’ which shows your delusion. In every post you quote half the Quran! By simply quoting you are levying an interpretation. You quoted 30/31-32 earlier saying I am creating a hizb. What do you think that is? That’s an interpretation! So please don’t delude yourself into thinking you don’t interpret. This is the problem with fundamentalists, they think they got a ‘literal reading’ where this is simply impossible.

 Semi QF’ist: “rejoice to that which is with itself””rejoice to that which is with itself”

Farouk: Don’t quote half verses, bro. Do you know what the Quran says about those who take the Quran as shreds?! See 15/90-91.