On the name ‘Quranism’: Darcus Answers:

Observed a fantastic discussion where Darcus Taseen deftly answered a Quranic Fundamentalist about the term ‘muslim’ and Quranist. I’m glad our concept is catching on and it wont be long before our space is marked out:

Quranic Fundamentalist (QF): People don’t get what, man made names, groups, sects looking and searching for something better than what the Qur’an says.

Darcus Taseen (DT):  Quranism is the opposite of a sect because of its inclusive nature as opposed to the exclusive nature of sects such as Sunnis. To be called a Quranist is to identify oneself with accepting the Quran alone – thats all – you can be a 19er an…d be a Quranist for example. This does not take anyone away from Islam in that is the deen which is for us all – the point here is about differentiating oneself so that it is clear about the ideology one follows. Otherwise you could say that every human is a sect all to themselves because their understanding is different. We are all created different so that we can recognise one another … we all accept things differently too. So the label of Muslim cannot simply be applied to all, just like the way that Barelvi Sunnis don’t believe that Deobandi Sunnis are muslims (and vice versa)… However those sects exclude people at the promotion of their superiority. Quranism does not seek to do that, but to include people of different opinion and understanding…none of us can say that we are truly right, but that we are on the path to learning and God willing one day we will learn the absolutes…

QF: Honestly, you sound like the Salafis when they used to say to us, about their special party (Hizb) that being Muslim isn’t enough today and so many other sects have done the same and again you Quranist sound no different from them other tha…n you say you calling to Qur’an. Allah’s Words cannot be corrupted just like Allah’s Deen. Islam is intact as long as the Qur’an is intact and from Islam we have Muslim. No one can corrupted these two uncorrupted words that we were given in the Qur’an. First your a Quranist then you’ll branch off and be other than that sooner or later when the disagreements set in. It’s all the same thing nothing new under the sun.

DT:  that may be. However I am not responsible for how others interpret things, I am only responsible for myself. I am only accountable for myself. If other people decide to abuse something just like the way that being Muslim is now synonymous with being stupid, 7th century, stuck in the past, shariah wanting lunatics.


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