Yahoo Answers – Why are Quranists Hated So Much

From here. Here are the question and my answer:

So… if all what they are doing is supported by the Quran (which the Hadith contradicts, btw), why are they hated by mainstream Muslims?

The majority of the Muslims in the world have no clue who the Quranists ARE, let alone hate them. Quranists tend to be hated by the fundamentalist clergy of Traditional Islam (so not even all Traditionalist clergymen). They are hated for the following reason: they challenge the authoritarian structure which makes Traditional Islam.

Traditional Islam preaches that its scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets and so the scholars have the authority to determine what islam is and what it says about certain issues. Quranists challenge that notion and not only that, they hope to reconstruct Islam along Quranic lines. They see that Islam has been transformed beyond recognition into something completely the opposite of the Quran.

This is why they are hated.