Suhuf al-oola

Rizwan Sherazi gave a riveting lecture on the ahlul kitab today in which he mentioned that ‘suhuf al-oola’ refered to the earlier part of the Quran (the early pages). It was a very interesting thought because if it were about pages of the ancients, it would be suhuf al-awwaleen. However, looking at 87/18-19, suhuf al-oola is then followed by the statement ‘suhufan ibraheema wa musa’. Since this is the case, could it be talking about the fragments of information from the time of Ibrahim or Musa? Or perhaps the stories of Ibrahim and Musa? I’m still uncertain…..


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5 Responses to Suhuf al-oola

  1. Asfora says:

    53:36 – 53:37 mentions the Suhuf of Musa and Ibrahim too. In fact the rhythmic style, reading from there up to the end of chapter 53 is almost identical to that of chapter 87, I noticed.

  2. The statements made in The Quran are true in both the USE of the words as well as the MENTION of the words. ( See ‘Koran and Self-Reference’ by Muhammed Asadi: )

    Therefore it may not only be referring to the ‘fragments of information from the time of Ibrahim or Musa’, but also to the suhuf / pages in The Quran mentioning “Ibrahim” and “musa”.

    Please note that 87/19 is the LAST MENTION of both “ibrahim” and “musa” in The Quran. Therefore all pages or parts of The Quran(other than 87/19) mentioning “ibrahim” and “musa” are suhuf al-oola / EARLIER pages. i.e. suhufi ibrahim wa musa.

    • Asfora says:

      wow thanks for that Fahad – never thought of Suhuf al-oola like that before!

  3. No problem Asfora 🙂

    Also, the earlier pages of The Quran tell much about Ibrahim and Musa. That could also be a reason why the earlier pages are maybe being referred to as pages of Ibrahim and Musa.

  4. Riz Sona says:

    I would like to say that I presented this point after hearing Mohammad Shaikh mention this, it was not my original thinking…. I am very grateful that I can across this understanding and that is how I see it now.

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