Do not Write Hadith – Answering Traditionalist Answers 1

It is true that in the beginning the Holy Prophet had forbidden some of his companions from writing anything other than the verses of the Holy Qur’ân. However, this prohibition was not because the ahâdîth had no authoritative value, but because the Holy Prophet had in the same breath ordered them to narrate his ahâdîth orally. The full text of the relevant hadîth is as follows:

Do not write (what you hear) from me, and whoever has written something (he heard) from me, he should erase it. Narrate to others (what you hear) from me; and whoever deliberately attributes a lie to me, he should prepare his seat in the Fire.” [Sahih Muslim]

Even in the translation (whose honestly we must applaud), the ‘what you hear’ in brackets. There was no stipulation in this hadith to EVER write hadith. The Prophet never said ‘later on, when the Quran is written, you can write hadith’. Why didn’t he give them clear instructions in this hadith? Because this hadith itself is dubious!