Quran Alone and Quranism part 2

Following up from Quran Alone-ism and Quranism part 1 I have read several comments recently about the term “Quran Alone.”

Someone commented recently that “I think much of the problem is also in labels. In reality NO ONE follows “Qur’an Alone”. I also obey speed limits, traffic lights, and the instruction manual for my microwave oven. The real – and correct – stance for any believer is and must be something “Qur’an First, then see where Allah directs us”. But human being – because we are human beings – will always try to over-analyze and over-decorate such a simple guideline.”

Other comments from various other discussions are ones such as “Quran Alone is a big fat delusion” and “I agree that Aḥādīth are lesser in importance to the Recitation, and there is definitely possibility of error in them (which calls for a certain scrutiny or critical eye), but I don’t see the need to completely reject and throw them out the window.”

My personal thought about the term “Quran Alone” is that, in context, I take it as a reference to an acknowledgement that the Quran is the sole authority in terms of Divine Guidance, as opposed to taking other sources such as the 6 books of Hadith and such. I don’t take the “Alone” to mean a literal, absolutist reference to the word. It’s similar to when my mum asks me what cheese I want on my sandwich; red or white. I know the Red Leicester cheese is not literally red. Just redder than the Cheshire cheese which is the other type that is sitting in the fridge waiting to be used up. And if she asks me if I want salad on it and mayonnaise or “only cheese” and I say I want just cheese please, then she still knows to put the cheese between 2 slices of buttered bread, and put it on a plate. (If I’m lucky I’ll get a bag of cheese and onion crisps and a Wagon Wheel too but that’s besides the point). She knows I don’t mean just serve me some slices of cheese based on my previous answer. It’s from the context.

But anyway that point aside, I prefer the term “Quranism” because it’s means the same to me as my understanding of Quran Alone(ness) or Quran Alone(ism), it’s just more precise, easier to use, less easily confused, 1 word instead of 2, and the ones who support the use of the term Quranism can be referred to as Quranists which to me sounds a lot better that the cumbersome term “Quran Aloners” Yes we are all muslims. Surely you got that from the context! 🙂

Anyway, that’s just me thinking out loud again, as I am wont to do. What do you think?

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