Answering the Submitter’s claims re 9/128-129

Been having some discussions with the Submitters about the so-called ‘false verses’. I must say, the reasons they give are sorely disappointing. One reason in particular is the thematic incongruence of 9/128-129. In other words, 9/128-129 doesn’t fit the ‘flow’ of the chapter. Lets see a few verses before 9/128-129:

9/123: O ye who believe! fight the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you: and know that God is with those who fear Him.
124: Whenever there cometh down a sura, some of them say: “Which of you has had His faith increased by it?” Yea, those who believe,- their faith is increased and they do rejoice
125: But those in whose hearts is a disease,- it will add doubt to their doubt, and they will die in a state of Unbelief.
126: See they not that they are tried every year once or twice? Yet they turn not in repentance, and they take no heed.
127: Whenever there cometh down a Sura, they look at each other, (saying), “Doth anyone see you?” Then they turn aside: God hath turned their hearts (from the light); for they are a people that understand not.

So this is talking about fighting those who oppose peace and justice. The coming of the sura shows the coming of a cogent message which has different reactions from the believers and the hypocrites. Now lets see 9/128-129:

128: Now hath come unto you an messenger from amongst yourselves: it grieves him that ye should perish: ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful.
129: But if they turn away, Say: “God sufficeth me: there is no god but He: On Him is my trust,- He the Lord of the Throne (of Glory) Supreme

Why is this problematic? It’s talking about the messenger’s role in the experience of revelation. The messenger helps to comfort the believers during those trying times.

Still not satisfied? Well lets have a look at 8/1. Why 8/1 when we were talking about chapter 9? Because they are the same chapter! There’s no basmalah in between them! 8/1 says:

They ask you about the bounties Say, “The  bounties is for Allah and the Messenger.” So fear Allah and amend that which is between you and obey Allah and His Messenger, if you should be believers

So this is the opening of the subject! Allah and His messenger are both mentioned in 9/128-129. 8/1 opens the subject and 9/128-129.

So much for thematic incongruity….