Upfront and honest

I found this post on a forum:

entitled “Some of our Quran-alone speakers need to be more upfront”

“To be a Quran-only follower means to follow the authentic traditional Islam adhered to by our Prophet (SAAW), minus all later-time annexations in the form of Hadith, fatwas etc. not included in the Quran nor warranted by the Quran.

By the Grace of Allah, there are folks who are waking up to this truth and coming to the path of the Quran-alone, putting aside all man-made stories and ideologies. Many of them are also inviting others to this path. May Allah Almighty reward their efforts and grant them success.

Much to our pleasure, the Quranic lectures of our Quran-only brothers and sisters speak extensively on various Quranic topics. How much of their talks interpret the Quran correctly or otherwise is another matter which I will not discuss now. However, I repeat, may Allah bless their efforts.

Unfortunately there is a problem which is constantly causing a setback to the hard work of many of our Quran-alone speakers. The problem sprouts from their own mindsets. Majority of them seem too infatuated by the notion of attaining a ‘celebrity status’ within their small or large groups of fans instead of winning the admiration of Allah Almighty. While speaking directly on Quranic issues, our enlightened speakers hesitate to forthrightly expose those aspects within the Muslim spiritual world that distract believers from the Glorious Quran. These aspects and issues are the widespread corruption infused by the Hadith literature and fatwas galore! Thus, the efforts of our insightful speakers are left incomplete because of their wariness and evasion to directly highlight these issues and the necessity of their exclusion. Reason? The uneasiness caused by the possibility of losing their audience.

Alongside Quran followers, the Quranic lectures are also attended by many Hadith followers or ‘quasi’ Hadithers who have little or no idea of the speakers’ stance toward Hadith. Hence, they take it for granted (more or less) that these speakers accept Hadith as a source of law like the mainstream “scholars.” These attendees appreciate the Quranic lectures they hear. Then, when they prepare their own words – written or vocal – they quote the contents of these Quranic lectures and gradually spice them up with the stories and ‘chinese whispers’ of the Ahadith / fatwas which is a customary practice of the mainstream, thus once again contaminating the purity of the Quran and wasting the efforts of our Quran-only speakers. This brings everyone back to square one.

The fault here lies squarely on our orators. They intelligently uphold the Truth but cowardly conceal the evil forces that are hellbent upon hurting the Truth.

Just think of it this way. After beginning to receive the Divine Message, the Prophet (SAAW) invited the Makkans to submit to Allah Almighty alone, which means, the Quran alone. This was Allah’s command. Allah did NOT tell the Prophet in the Quran to nurture the sentiments of the idolaters and merge pagan values with Allah’s Commandments. NO question about that.

Unlike the wisdom and courage of our Prophet (SAAW), our present Quran-alone speakers aka “scholars” are working with a HIDDEN AGENDA. While their mission is to promote the Quran, their strategy is to observe silence towards the enemy of the Quran. May Allah (The Highest) grant them greater fortitude and a desire for a ‘celebrity status’ in the Hereafter rather than this fleeting earthly life.”

Of course this is one quranist’s opinion. It seems to me that the terms Quranism and Quranist not only aid effective communication, but can also prevent misunderstandings and address the issues presented above.

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3 Responses to Upfront and honest

  1. Asfora says:

    It would seem that there is a case of “cannot do right for doing wrong” because the way things currently are, if you introduce yourself as a Quranist, thereby preventing the problems mentioned above regarding communications and expectations, and being upfront and honest, what happens is that some people who do not believe in “labels” or any term other than the name “Muslim” will accuse you of being a sectarian. I think it is time to accept that we all have an approach to how we live and what we believe. We are all muslims. Just because my approach and beliefs and understandings differ from what a fellow quranist or indeed a fellow muslim believes, it does not automatically make me or the other person a sectarian. The word sectarian and non-sectarian are used a lot and the real definition of a sect (exclusive membership according to set beliefs and excommunication if not in agreement) is conveniently forgotten about. Other relevant posts: Multiple Paths to Salvation” and Justifying the Quranist / Quranism Labels

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  3. darcus says:

    What sounds like an interesting article quickly descends into nonsense. As a quranist I dont know anyone in our circle of friends who desires this ‘celebrity’ that you speak about. Either you know something I don’t or you’re just making false accusations with no basis in fact.

    The issue about not highlighting the ‘evil’ of the hadith is simple. We are not here to call others bad or wrong – they have to realise by looking ‘in’ what we are about. If we start taking an us and them approach – we immediately become a sect. Not something I wish to promote. By all means if you wish to write something detailing the fallacies of hadith – do it. The point here is that if you see something not being dealt with – then open your mouth and stand forward.

    Contact us at quranists.net and I am sure that we will do our best to put you forward… we want you to take part – but don’t criticise without providing a solution… I await your response.

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