Jumping to conclusions

I saw a post this morning in an FB  group entitled Sisters Adhering to Aĥsana Al-Ĥadīthi (The Best Hadiyth) – THE QUR’AN ALONE (Closed group, link removed)

A new thread was started by someone with this post:

“What a cult. You follow a person who called himself a prophet of god-Rashad Khalifa. He created this stupidity of hadith being rejected. Good thing he was assasinated. And now he’s burning in hell. I suggest you all comback to the ONE TRUE REAL Islam. Unfortunately Satan has gotten to you all. Remember Rashad Khalifa was an idiot moron. Follow Muhammed pbuh.”

My response :

“Quranists believe that the Quran is the sole source of divine guidance as opposed to there being any 2nd or 3rd sources. This term is not to be confused with following the teachings of Rashad Khalifa. Rashad Khalifa claimed to be a messenger and rejected 2 verses of the Quran, presented a “miracle code” using the number 19 and his teachings (it seems to me) usually accuse the ones who do not agree with his approach as disbelievers or polytheists. In my honest opinion, his translation is also biased to fit his beliefs, and the translation of the Arabic to English is not consistent within itself (as is the case with most translations, unfortunately). 

Quranists on the other hand do not reject 2 verses and have a more inclusive attitude which does not seek to label other approaches to islam as wrong, heretical or blasphemous. They will also usually endeavour to investigate the original Arabic words in the Quran and the context of the verses, chapters, examples and parables to strengthen their own personal understanding of the text. Please also see “A Quranists response to the term ‘Hadith Rejection‘ ” for more info. 

Furthermore Quranists believe that we are to take examples from the Prophets as described in the Quranic stories. A fantastic article about the “Prophetic Examples from the Quran” can be found here, which discusses the premise that “the only thing containing the example of the Prophet is the Quran itself”. “


One Response to Jumping to conclusions

  1. Abdullah says:

    Speaking of Rashad Khalifa, witness how he contradicted himself twice:


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