Invitation to Quranists Converts and Reverts Support Group

Salaam Aleykum!

I am Asfora, a Revert/Convert to islam since 2006.

What I have noticed is that a lot of converts to Islam have difficulty with the contradictions of the Hadith/Sunna/traditions. Sometimes upon investigation of what the Quran says about such things, they become “quranist”, seeing as the Quran is free of all contradiction and is the Truth, the Light and the True Guidance – alhamdulillah.

I am a Quranist muslim – (a Quranist muslim is a muslim who believes that the Quran is the sole source of divine guidance) The reason why I am Quranist muslim is here :

Since I started to identify myself as a Quranist muslim, it has been quite difficult for me to fit in to typical Traditional Muslim environments. It’s not that people are unfriendly as such, quite the opposite actually, most people I have met have been very welcoming – it’s more that they pity me or think I am misguided or that I have not learned enough about Islam yet, and keep trying to “save” me by telling me hadiths, usually the ones that contradict the Quran so it can be quite frustrating.

So I am trying to find other revert/convert muslims who have a similar mindset who would also like to have a support network, where we accept each other for who we are, appreciating the diversity of our beliefs and understandings of islam.

I have set up a FaceBook group called Quranists Reverts and Converts Support Network

Please do feel welcome to join, if you think this is something you might benefit from. And if you know a friend who you think might benefit too, please feel at liberty to invite them along too.

No offense whatsoever is intended by this message. Please do accept my apologies if this message is irrelevant.

Sending best wishes for peace and wishing you Salaam Aleykum

Asfora 🙂

Getting the Pledge Right…

Today, I was told that ‘Do you say: ” Lailaha Illah” ? after that, do you say: “Muhammadur Rasulullah”? If you do not say so, then you are Not Muslims at all”.

Bit harsh I reckon. My reponse was:

 Do I have to say ‘laa ilaha illa Allah’ and ‘muhammad rasulullah’ at the same time? If not, i’m fine

To tell you the truth, I have no problem saying it. I’m not a Submitter who deems such a statement as shirk (which is pure bunkum). It’s your intent which makes the pledge shirk. Most Traditionalists don’t even think of the implications, so…Anyway, my friend continues:

You need to Pronounce in full: ” Lailaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah”. Otherwise, you are Not Muslims. You are Excluded from Muslim Ummah. You will be labelled as Munafiq. Nauzubillah. Let Allah protect all True Muslims from all Fallacies in their Faith/ Iman in Allah & His Rasul. Ameen !

That’s very interesting. The pledge makes me NOT a munafiq. It just occured to me that the Quran says:

When the MUNAFIQEEN come to you they say, “We testify that you are the Messenger of Allah .” And Allah knows that you are His Messenger, and Allah testifies that the hypocrites are liars. (63/1)

It seems even the munafiqeen can say the pledge! Anyway, here is my actual response:

Oh I never say it in full. Cause it’s never arranged that way in the Quran

This is actually incorrect. I say it in full when I pray (irregularly, I might add). My friend then responded:

If you do not believe that. You should not discuss on this Topic with me. Please never reply to my views. I will not respond to your ” Quranology

Believe? who said anything about believing? I’m talking about the actual pledge. Nothing to do with my beliefs! I then responded:

Oh i believe in both the oneness of Allah and the messengership of Muhammad. I just don’t see the pledge anywhere in the Quran.

Let me ask you this: in all the stories of the messnengers in the Quran, can you show me the pledge even once? Like with Nuh, did Nuh tell them to say ‘laa ilaha illa Allah Nuh Rasulullah’? If you can’t find it, why do you say it in this formula?

Of course, then came the Prophet Of Doom speech but still no answer! He said:

Group & the people. All of you are here Online to disclaim Prophet Muhammad (sas). I will never treat you all as Muslims as you vehemently oppose our Prophet. The so-called Muslims who oppose & also condemn our Prophet, can never be Muslims. Shame for the people who use the names of the Muslims and condemn our Prophet. Nauzubillah. Curse of Allah be upon all of you.

Zero proof. But curse you anyway, thanks a lot, pal 😛

A claim that Quranists do not represent Islam

Here is some more criticism of Quranists

I’m sorry to say this … But you “quranist” guys are not Muslim and definitely DO NOT REPRESENT ISLAM!! Why?

1. You distort the Quranic verses and have no in depth knowledge or structured analysis of the Quranic verses.
2. The sectarian Quranist movement are the cause of terrorism due to illiteracy towards the Quran, as well as naivety.
3. You bring down the status of the Holy Prophet (let alone the ahlulbayt ) and say he’s nothing, really.. Just another man, who sinned and made mistakes… Shame on you!
4. You’re all ignorant, illiterate and foolish. You make the most stupidest, dumbest claims that are so easily refutable. You know absolutely nothing of the essence of Islam, let alone what it actually consists of.
5. You’re all brain washed by Umar and rashid khalifa into believing all of this nonsense.
6. I find it annoying when you insinuate that the Holy Prophet is important because of the Quran. Wrong. The Prophet and Ahlul Bayt are the message. On the contrary, the Quran leads to the love and guidance of the Ahlul Bayt. If it was just the Book God wanted to reveal, Then He could’ve just thrown it down a chimney for us or sent it as an Email attachment … But no, the Quran is nothing without the Ahlul Bayt because they complete the religion. Hence the reason why this universe was created out of the love of the Five Infallibles.
But You’re entertaining, I’ll give you that much.

I can’t respond to this one, the ignorant, illiterate fool that I am. 😛 The clue is in the title though 😉 Please feel free to discuss in the comments or on the forum.

Quranist response: