A claim that Quranists do not represent Islam

Here is some more criticism of Quranists

I’m sorry to say this … But you “quranist” guys are not Muslim and definitely DO NOT REPRESENT ISLAM!! Why?

1. You distort the Quranic verses and have no in depth knowledge or structured analysis of the Quranic verses.
2. The sectarian Quranist movement are the cause of terrorism due to illiteracy towards the Quran, as well as naivety.
3. You bring down the status of the Holy Prophet (let alone the ahlulbayt ) and say he’s nothing, really.. Just another man, who sinned and made mistakes… Shame on you!
4. You’re all ignorant, illiterate and foolish. You make the most stupidest, dumbest claims that are so easily refutable. You know absolutely nothing of the essence of Islam, let alone what it actually consists of.
5. You’re all brain washed by Umar and rashid khalifa into believing all of this nonsense.
6. I find it annoying when you insinuate that the Holy Prophet is important because of the Quran. Wrong. The Prophet and Ahlul Bayt are the message. On the contrary, the Quran leads to the love and guidance of the Ahlul Bayt. If it was just the Book God wanted to reveal, Then He could’ve just thrown it down a chimney for us or sent it as an Email attachment … But no, the Quran is nothing without the Ahlul Bayt because they complete the religion. Hence the reason why this universe was created out of the love of the Five Infallibles.
But You’re entertaining, I’ll give you that much.

I can’t respond to this one, the ignorant, illiterate fool that I am. 😛 The clue is in the title though 😉 Please feel free to discuss in the comments or on the forum.

Quranist response:


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