“Quran Alone” but we’re so fond of the Sunnah!

When you say “Quran alone“, does that mean “without the additional stuff Rashad Khalifa said were Quran alone although they are not in the Quran, but we think they are referred to in the Quran as “the Sunnah” that is protected over years, and then we say Salat was protected although Rashad Khalifa showed us a whole new way to do it although we previously admitted that Wuduu (ablution) was mentioned in the Quran because the practice was changed (just like salaat, but the steps of salaat were not mentioned in the Quran although they should have according to Rashad Khalifa’s theory! And then we fail to see that thinking the Sunnah is referred to through the Quran IS THE SAME as thinking that Hadith was referred to in the Quran, which means we should just follow hadith anyway but we don’t, because it’s SO not Quran Alone”?

Like if you get it.

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One Response to “Quran Alone” but we’re so fond of the Sunnah!

  1. Shalom,

    I pray that God increases your knowledge and guides you to success. I do not follow things outside Qur’an as divine guidance.

    —————- Student of Allah

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