A collection of Quranist Voices

The recent Yahoo question caused quite a stir, and we got some good responses trying to clear up some common misconceptions. I thought it would be worth backing up the answers here in case the Yahoo thread goes walkabout.

Original Question:

Muslims how misguided are the “Quranist” cult?

The “Quran Alone” people follow Rashad Khalifa, a guy who called himself a prophet of God in the 80’s, who advocated hadith rejection. This cult has NUMEROUS branches and is gaining popularity among uneducated Muslims in the poor parts of the world (as well as those liberal, secular Muslims) and are the cause of alot of confusion among ordinary Muslims (like they say hijab isn’t mandatory). Whenever you try to explain to them how they’ve been decieved by Satan into following a false man, they throw fits and… get this… they say the majority of Muslims are hell bound because we follow hadith!!! LOL
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Additional Details

It should be noted the Quran commands us Muslims to honor, respect and FOLLOW Muhammed pbuh. That means follow Hadith. The Quranists don’t even write PBUH. They barely even mention the Prophet that was sent to guide mankind 1430 years ago. So they can’t even follow the Quran properly.

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No the Quranists don’t belong to any denomination. This was a cult created in the 80’s and has grown. Submission.org was the first site and now there’s several more.
Though its estimated the amount of followers is no more than 1000.

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there is no hadith that speaks of pornography or racism. Remember theres reliable and unreliable hadith
The word messanger and prophet are the SAME thing. Rashad Khalifa put his OWN NAME in the Quran.
Quranists are well known for their mis-interpretations. When the Quran spoke about the majority being wrong, it spoke of NON-MUSLIMS. Man you guys are just as bad as the ones who purposely misquote Islam for personal gain.
I’d like the cult members to analyze themselves. You follow a movement that began in the 80’s. Ever since Islam started we’ve been following hadith because thats what the Quran commands us to do. Early scholars and companions of the Prophet pbuh analyzed all of Muhammed’s pbuh words and actions and recorded them. Most of the hadith come from Aisha, she’s the first credited scholar in Islam.
Follow your own desires Quranists, you’ll HEAVILY regret this on judgment day.And BTW, no the Quranist cult do not get ANY support from educated Muslims. Funny, there’s no Quran Al

Some quranist responses

“Muslims how misguided are the “Quranist” cult?”1. Less misguided than the person who phrased this question as a deliberate insult.

2. Only a small fraction of the Return to the Qur’an movement follows the RK number-19 nonsense; this Islamic Awakening is crossing all sects and all continents. Alhamdulillah!

3. I do not expect this answer to be accept by those who take other fallible human texts as partners to the Book of Allah.

May Allah guide us all.

Dear Asker,It appears you have incorrectly labeled this cult as “Quranist” when in fact they are called “Submitters”, a name that Rashad Khalifa claimed to be the English translation of “Muslims”. They do not actually follow the Quran, they follow a book written by Rashad Khalifa called “Quran, The Final Testament: Authorized English Version” which contains an erroneous interpretation of the Quran as well as footnotes and appendices detailing extra-quranic teachings (read: teachings not found in the Quran)..

Quranists are not followers of Rashad Khalifa. Quranists study the original Quran, in Arabic, and follow the principle that the Quran is fully-detailed (muffasil) and self-explanatory. Quranists are able to analyze verses of the Quran by using Quran concordances such as http://www.corpus.quran.com and http://www.studyquran.co.uk/PRLonline.htm and examine all occurrences of the root word throughout the entire Quran to better understand the concept. This method has led to a greater understanding and enlightenment for Quranists.

Additionally, Quranists recognize the plurality of paths to God and as a result they are tolerant of other approaches to peaceful existence. This very important aspect is often ignored by some so-called “Muslims” even though the Quran declares that there is no compulsion in religion and encourages making peace with neighbors.

Peace and love to you all. If you would like to read more about Quranism, please visit http://www.quranists.net.

Actually, the followers of Rashad Khalifa are specifically called Submitters and some may even use “God Alone”. I wish you would learn the difference.Quranists/Quran-Alone are people who view the Quran as the only source of law and guidance in Islam. Although I don’t consider Submitters or the followers of Rashad Khalifa to be Quran alone, I think some of them would be. To me, they still follow outside sources of the Quran.

They can pray 5 times as they like, but if you look close enough at the prayer articles on submission.org, you will discover that this Rashad Khalifa never even found five prayers – not to mention his method states that wudu/ablution was CHANGED and thus RE-STATED in the Quran while salaat was NOT CHANGED although he introduced a whole new way of performing it!

I’m telling you, Rashad Khalifa’s system is full of cliches.

I am a Quranist (not a Submitter) and I KNOW the Quran tells me to honor, respect and follow Prophet Muhammed. HOWEVER, I do not believe the disgusting, pornographic, sexist and racist hadith are the sayings of my prophet, and my way of respecting him is to deny hadith.

Peace n’ love. 🙂

I think Rashad Khalifa is a stick used by the Mullah brigade to beat anybody that challenges the tall claims of the Hadith peddlers. Well over 90% of the so called Quranist have nothing to do with Rashad Khalifa but I guess you knew that :). In all probability your position resemble that of a sect member who must tow the party line.Most of us are not against any instructions left for us by Prophet Mohammad Pbuh. Since the Prophet followed the Quran to the letter that is why we will not settle for anything less than those Hadith that fulfill the Quranic standard of claims, that would be four upright witnesses from their respective communities at each rung of the Isnad chain. Blind belief in “scholars force you to break the exclusivity of belief reserved for God alone.

No, your are dead wrong when you say “That means follow Hadith” that means to follow what the Prophet Pbuh was following, the Quran.

After researching the issue thoroughly, I and many other researchers have come to the conclusion that all the authentic Hadith will fit on a two pager. Luckily for us, once we see past the sect centric marketing slogans, the Quran has been perfectly preserved for us by God Himself and by using our God given faculties of reason and logic plus a passion for research, we can find all the answers in it.

You are welcome to read my short post on thehttp://lifecheat.blogspot.com/2011/05/ro…

If you really believe the dissenting voices started in the 80s then you must be blind to Islamic history as well.

I think the point is that the question is based on a misunderstanding; primarily that Quranists follow Rashad Khalifa’s teachings, which is completely incorrect. It is the “Submitters” who follow the teachings of RK including rejecting 2 verses of the Quran, acknowledging his claim to be a Messenger of God, the “miracle code of 19” he presented and his “authorised” translation of the Quran which is inconsistent within itself (my opinion based on evidence) Besides this, the general attitude from the teachings is “exclusive” ; meaning anyone else following a different approach to islam is considered a Kafir or a Polytheist.”Quranists” on the other hand simply believe that the Quran is the sole source of divine authority and do not accept 2nd or 3rd sources as divine, and are “inclusive” : they do not accuse people on a different path to God to be Kafirs or Polytheists, recognising that there is diversity in the deen and multiple paths to salvation. Major difference.

No offence intended to anyone who calls himself a submitter who is actually a quranist. Using the correct standard terminology goes a long way to reducing misconceptions and misunderstandings.

IF you consider the Quran to be the Word of Allah, and that very Book claims to be the Truth, then it would be illogical to say that the ones who follow it are misguided.


I am a Quranist and this questioner is wrong. Rashadites/Submitters/19ers are NOT quranists for the following reasons:1. Rashadites/Submitters/19ers believe in another divinely inspired source – Rashad Khalifa’s footnotes and appendices. Try contradicting RK’s opinion and you will be rejected from the Rashadites/Submitters/19ers circles. Quranists on the other hand have NO OTHER divinely inspired source but the Quran. We do not consider any other source divine.

2. Rashadites/Submitters/19ers believe in the 19 code. They consider anyone who does not as a sectarian or worse, polytheist. Quranists on other hand may believe in a code, but not necessarily (as it happens, most of us including me do not). It’s not essential to being Quranist.

3. Rashadites/Submitters/19ers reject two verses. Quranists accept the Quran in full.

4. Rashadites/Submitters/19ers need to have a single uniform view (as cults are wont to do). Quranists believe in ‘Unity not Uniformity’. We are an association of individuals and groups who promote individual thinking. We are not threatened by it.


Your question is biased so even if you get the correct answer you will say “LOL” dude you are misguided or kaafir or bla bla bla. You are inclined to see a side and you wont be seeing the other sides. Now i ask you a question, what hadith do you believe in? hell lot of categories. Imam albani took 18 hadith from bukhari as daeef. for him bukhari’s 18 were not sahih which were sahih for other ppl and so on and so on. Now you will say albani is right if you are a wahabi and u will say he was wrong if you are not a wahabi. You people keep your logic aside and then start asking questions and expect the answers what you WANT to hear. If you were open for a debate or understanding your question would have been different and tolerant. The guy who said Quranist pray 5 times is wrong. There is no rule on being a Quranist or a “way” to follow it. We read Quran and try to understand it. WITHOUT the need of hadith which says there will be majority of women in hell or prophet were taken for a ride by his wives or the urine of a female child is impure and male child is pure or which says monkey were found stoning a female monkey coz they committed adultery. Only if you could understand the logic.



4 Responses to A collection of Quranist Voices

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  3. paul clarke says:

    Peace. Its quite simple. The Quran is the final and last revelation of God,so therefor contains everything we need as creations of God to live our lives in complete harmony with the world. If Quran claims to be the final revelation then why would we need volumes of other texts that contradict the message sent by God? Quran is the word of God and not anything else!

  4. tacuma yero says:

    Seems to me that we, the Muslim community at large, are wasting time pointing fingers at each other rather than striving to be better Muslims, better people individually. Do not be divided into sects!

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