“Hijab Errors” Video

I’ve seen this video a couple of times in different Facebook groups:

hijab errors quran quranist quranists quranism

Sorry but I humbly say I personally believe this kind of video makes new converts leave Islam. Especially seeing as the concept of “hijab” is not even in the Qur’an. I personally find this video repulsive and offensive, and sad. And I find it condescending, close-minded and sarcastic. To the maker of this video. Please read the Qur’an and stop judging people and inciting division by making people feel guilty for practising their faith the best way they know how. And shouldn’t we be following the teachings of the Qur’an and judging by the scripture and not the teachings of man? I really will be very surprised if anyone can find anything in the Qur’an about covering hair, wearing pink, wearing sparkly fabric, wearing perfume. The claim in this video is that wearing perfume is adultery!! Please! Next it will be those who don’t use unscented soap, or those that wear anti-perspirant. Or those that wear freshly laundered socks. Yeah I know people love to argue about socks. Specifically whether they must be on or off for prayers. Well I am sure it will factor in, in the decision making process, what they smell like. If they smell of the perfume of the soap powder you’d better not wear them, especially not for prayers.

My sincere wish for all my muslim sisters is that we can try to uphold the teachings of the Qur’an and abandon all falsehood.

See Noble Qur’an 7:26 and 17:46 and 5:44
The word for hair in Arabic is ashʿārihā and can be found in the Qur’an in Chapter 16 verse 80
And PS “socks” is not in.

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