Submitter Wars IV : A New Miracle

A long time ago, in a country far far away…..(cue John William’s famous Star Wars score)

Rashad Khalifa founded the 19 miracle…
He rejected 2 verses from the Quran…
He declared himself the Messenger of the Covenant

back to the present day…saw a post on on fb today. Apparently the Submitters prove the 5 times a day ritual and the 17 units by some code or other. I thought, now’s a good time to test something. And off I went:

The 5 times a day prayer is confirmed by the Quran. Why, because it has 17 units and 17 is 19-minus 2 and the 2 are the false verses. It’s another miracle!!!!

My objective was simple: I wanted to see how a Submitter would react to this miracle. After all, I didn’t make anything up. Furthermore, these guys are still adding to the total ‘miracles’ today. RK’s findings weren’t the end of it..

A Submitter replied:

Hahaha. @Farouk, bro is it so 🙂
Am not saying u r wrong neither right.
Its not my job to falsify any verse neither any human except the one who revealed it to us.
And HE does it through HIS messengers
Pls check for the details of the same.

What I’d like to know is, what makes my miracle any different? I picked and chose numbers randomly and arranged them to make a result. How is my move any different from RK’s? For that matter, any Submitter who keep discovering new patterns? Furthermore, isn’t the PROOF of messengership some arbitrary result (for the Submitters)? If so,  I just provided proof. How is my proof any different?

That is the falsification test 😉