Scary Attitudes of Emerging QF’ists…

An innocent post in an fb forum today turned some fanatics against a good friend of fine. My friend innocently posted a link to an archived website of Dr Kamal Omar and recieved a baptism of fire that would put the American Govt to shame!

The QF’ists who attacked him were repulsed by the notion that Dr Omar discovered a very quranic notion of al-kitab before their guru. Note that their guru himself didn’t say a word, only his minions did.

This is a very sad situation. These people are quranists but do not use the term. Yet, in their commitment to unity (apparently having a name makes them a sect), they are fanatical about the originality and authenticity of their pedigree. Should this be what quranism is about? Who cares who discovered a concept! We should care that a concept is discovered and we should work on refining it.

Unity….NOT uniformity. Association…NOT sect!

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How / Why did you come to Quranism?

These answers are from Free Minds. Thank you to everyone who took part in the study/survey and to Free Minds forum.

How / Why did you come to Quranism?

  • I learned about the official movement recently, but I’ve always doubted traditional Islam. I took my Shahadah at 17, but learned about the official movement when I was 24.
  • When I converted I only read the Quran. Then I found out about hadith so I read into them. I saw they clearly contradict the Quran, and that the Quran never speaks of them. So I researched abit on the internet to see if I was the only Muslim who felt this way, then I found this site and many others.
  • I converted to Islam when I was nearly 20, then followed Quran only about 3months after.
  • No I do not personally know any [quranists], most Muslims I know are Sunni or Shia. Some Muslims I tell say that I am not a Muslim. So this and a few other sites are really where I can express myself.
  • I’m sorry, but the words “Quranism/Quranists” are a pet-peeve of mine… Please do not use this word to classify people who believe in God alone. We are simply Muslims who follow only the Qur’an. We are not sunnists/shites/quranist or any other man made word which implies or has defined boundaries.
  • 6:159 Those who have divided their system and become sects, you are not with them in anything. Their matter will be with God, then He will inform them of what they had done.
  • While I was trying to understand all the traditionalism I was learning in Saudi Arabia, and I stumbled upon this site (free-minds). I was either 14 or 15. Do you know any other quranists? Well I have my family, but I do not know any one that follows Quran Alone.
  • “quranist” is a common, descriptive noun. It is not a title/sect/a proper noun (and neither is muslim, but I digress) . There is no defined quranist ideology. Sects have very specific guidelines, you’ll be hard pressed to find two ‘quranists’ who agree on the basic issues, and that’s the beauty of it. Individuality. Choice. Discussion.
  • These other sects you speak of refer to themselves as Muslim as well. Unity for unity’s sake is not logical. Does the Quran say its okay to align ourselves with people who are not in harmony? People who would declare you apostates? Suggesting ‘quranism’ is a sect is building a straw man argument. No quranist I know of refers to themselves as a part of some imaginary sect.
  • Also, I would like to make it a point that Dr. Khalifa is NOT affiliated with us. It is true that he urged a return to the Qur’an, as we do, but he also claimed himself to be a Messenger of God – a claim he directly invalidated when he admitted to molesting a minor. Those that follow Dr. Khalifa are in a different category all of their own. The herald him as a Messenger of God and get quite offended when people dare bring up the fact that he molested a minor. Following false Messengers is forbidden and thus why they are not of us.
  • Surfing the web and finding (I just took Shahadah about a month ago).
  • When I started to study my religion on my own rather than just be a blind follower. My wife opened my eyes to alot of things.
  • Actually I was like everyone in my society at the beginning, had standard knowledge of Islam, for a while tried to be brainwashed by Gulen supporters, thank God, got rid of them, after then I became only Quran follower but still non practicising. By the way I do not like terms like Quranism and Quranist
  • I was attracted to Islam by the Message and the core, but I realised that Sunni and Shia (including their subsects) Islam in general was neither spiritual nor sensible. I actually accepted “obey the Messenger” as proof of the authority of ahadith, but it was the weird ahadith that kept me away. I noticed that some had the “Qur’anist” interpretation and that the traditional responses were always the same (obey the Messenger). In time I also noticed it was a dud argument passed on from one wishful person to another. Decided to convert at 21, and converted at 21.
  • My point is that your questions are not detailed enough to extract any useful/relevant information. They might tell you some trivial things about “Qur’an-alone” Muslims, but nothing about what they follow or why (the intial doctrinal arguments obviously came from Arabic-speakers, after all). You should research the merit of the arguments employed, and to do that you will have to talk to the most knowledgeable/prepared people. After all, Sunnis always complain that people (non-Muslims, non-Sunnis) have come to them instead of asking the Sunni scholars! It should also be noted that the majority of traditional Muslims would not be able to argue with the “Qur’an-alone” viewpoint when it is presented in a manner devoid of alteration of the meaning of words/number of prayers etc.. Traditional responses are merely complaints devoid of logical substance. Many traditional Muslims would also agree with the “Qur’an-alone” viewpoint so long as the “Qur’an-alone” Muslims did not have to alter the meaning of the Qur’an to survive without ahadith. The Message is simple and can be followed without considering a single hadith as law.
  • If the Qur’an really is not sufficient, then Islam does not make sense.
  • Discussion/debate (in person) made me put a thought on islam rather than blind following/idolizing
  • While researching whether Music was haram.
  • I was doing a ritual prayer with a shi’a woman who did it completely different to I did (I was a Sunni), then got confused as to why there was difference in ritual practices. A friend of mine told me that was because she was a Shi’a. Prior to the experience I had no idea that there were different sects in Islam. So I decided to do a bit more research and got to learn more and more.
  • I am blessed to have personally met 10 “Qur’anists” since I became one myself. And I know a lot more online .
  • Researching noncanonical scriptures online, where I came across The Quran, and pretty much accepted it as Gods word, and studied it for a long time, without knowing much about sunni/shia and the Quran Alone label.
  • Was living with a fellow Quran alone individual
  • I guess I’ve always kinda been one, till I finally started to do some research and stumbled upon this site. My Parents also reject most of the hadeeth that have the trait of Chinese whispers and do not jive with the Quran, so their influence had something to do with it.
  • After accepting Islam as Sunni began to question the Hadith and the Sunna and that contradicted the Koran. I searched online and found the true Muslims who worship GOD ALONE.
  • I was researching about hadiths shortly after converting to Islam and found and free-minds. I carried on researching and do not consider myself a follower of Rashad Khalifa. I believe followers of RK are called Submitters. I think the Quran references given on the submission site were useful for research and further study at the time (5 years ago), but I reject RK’s teachings about removing 2 verses from the Quran.  Quranists are just followers of the Quran. I now prefer to compare English translations to get a less biased view of the message of the Quran instead of relying on one translation and I investigate anomalies by using word-by-word Quran. I am a Quranist. I am still muslim, I don’t believe Quranism is a sect seeing as the Quran unites us all. At first I felt really isolated. It’s actually very liberating to know there is a term for what I am, and to know there are other like minded people!
How / why did you come to Quranism? Please feel welcome to add comments below!