Al-Kitab and the Tri-Religious Myth

There was a deleted wiki article detailing the view that al-kitab was the same for all the prophet. Although I no longer believe ‘al-kitab’ refers to the same thing throughout the Quran, I do believe all Quranic personalities recieved the same teachings (as per 16/89 and 41/43).

Rizwan Sherazi made a very insightful statement in this thread about the deleted article. He said: Without exploding the Tri-Religous myth, and understanding the time old existence of Al Kitab (46:4) The truest meanings of Quran stay hidden and largely unaccesable

All I can say is HELL YES! I am currently doing a study of ahl al-kitab in my own blog and I have found that liberating this phrase from the Tri-Religious Myth has yielded its universal meaning. The Quran is actually now very universal for me. This is also true for concepts like ‘hadoo’, nasara and ‘yahood’ which sadly have been limited as Jews and Christians. Lets hope someone writes a tract to explode this myth soon. We need the Quran to speak for us, not just the Semitic religions.



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