Quranists and Submitters – The Difference

Interesting question in Yahoo Answers:

What’s the difference between Submitters and Quranists? Don’t worry I’m not out to bash anyone. In fact my whole family are Quranists.I know about 19 (but not much), but who is this Rashid person who claims to be a messenger? And if he is a messenger, then what is his message?

Please keep an open mind people 🙂

Our very own RevolutionPsyche gave a very comprehensive reply below:
Your entire family are Quranists? I’m jealous!Alright, let’s see. I’m on facebook and on many Quran Alone and Submitter groups, so I can show you both types of differences, the on and off record: Technical difference:

Quranists was a term used by the Egyptians and Egyptian Gov’t who were against Ahl Al Quran, a group of Quran Aloners who mainly followed Ahmad Subhi Mansour, who denied hadith and got into jail for this. If you speak Arabic and/or don’t mind weird English, check out their site: http://ahl-alquran.com/arabic/main.php. It got great Quranist articles. 🙂

This is where the term originated in Arabic countries, usually pronounced quraniyoon/quranyeen or ahl al quran.

Of course, this does not mean it’s theirs exclusively, and their original name is Ahl Al Quran. A Quranist is anyone who considers the Quran to be the only source of law. Some Quranists may be submitters (although I PERSONALLY do not consider them to be Quranists), and some others may believe in Sunnah but not hadith (which I do not consider Quranists either, for personal reasons).

There are many other outside sources beside hadith that people should utterly deny and leave behind, and so I don’t think the term “Quranist” can be canned up as a “Denier of Hadith”.

The thing is that Submitters believe in “miracle 19” as a part of the Quran, which is their honest opinion and they are entitled to it, and thus could be Quranists. Rashad Khalifa was believed to be another Messenger from God. You can find more about him and his ideology on http://submission.org/. This site doesn’t contain any criticism to the code19 theory. 🙂

Many Quranists even deny the term and consider it a way of division and prefer “Muslim”.

More links for you: my friend launched a Quranist website and a Quranist blog and blog directory (where you can add yours too): http://www.quranists.net/, quranistvoices.wordpress.com/.

The first one contains many great articles on the ideology, study approach and movement of Quranism.

The latter is probably your place for “daily” Quranic news and musings a number of writers (including myself) share online for everyone to benefit.

Differences I noticed:

Okay, not the off-the-record stuff. I’m not friends with many believers in code 19 at will. Many of them have abused me in the name of their code as I am not convinced with it although many others are nice. They prefer to be called “Submitters” as a part of Rashad’s “authorized English translation of the Quran”. I also noticed that Rashad Khalifa provided many many quick-business answers for them regarding the Quran and Quranic verses. His English translation kind of “seals the deal” on Quranic interpretation, and that is why I see they are in no need to be “Quranists”. Most Quranists I know spend many hours daily analyzing and studying the Quran, while I see them posting 19-related articles all over a chosen group. It’s spammy, and then they tell me I am a bad person for getting annoyed to see “God’s word” posted everywhere when it’s actually “Rashad Khalifa’s thoughts on God’s word”.

As far as I know, there are more foreign Submitters than Arabic ones (I’m Arabic and I noticed many were drawn more toward Shahrour’s and Ahmad Subhi Mansour’s views on hadith, thus didn’t get to see much of Rashad). It’s actually quite rare to find an Arabic Submitter although I know quite many.

Long ago, we had a group on facebook called “Hadith of the Day!” which was mainly 19-orientated. Most admins were advertising Rashad Khalifa’s ideas, which drew many people into discovering new ways to serve God without the need of Hadith. Maybe Rashad should get credit for spreading the message of free-thinking… to some degree.

And his message is mainly explained on submission.org although I highly recommend you don’t rely on it, since the code he brought to surface (code 19) cannot function properly unless two verses of the Quran are removed (which is a big no-no to me and many others), and I never fail to find “errors” in his work.


To me, a Quranist is a free thinker (since imho, the Quran encourages free thinking) who studies the Quran and honestly attempts to apply it.

If you have a facebook, feel free to swing by our group: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/home.php?sk=group_179495912090888&ap=1

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    Peace be upon you.
    Check out this site:

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