Karma in the Quran

Yesar asked a great question on Sunday about Karma in the Quran. We had some good answers but Yesar thought the best answer was 16/30:

And it will be said to those who feared Allah , “What did your Lord send down?” They will say, “[That which is] good.” For those who do good in this world is good; and the home of the Hereafter is better. And how excellent is the home of the righteous –



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2 Responses to Karma in the Quran

  1. I happened here by chance! Maybe? I would be interested in any quotes or verses from the Koran that support Karma. I’ve written several posts about reincationation and karma on my blog, SpiritualThemes. Thank you.

    • Asfora says:

      Salaam Aleykum, greetings of peace! Thanks for your comment! This post is about Karma : Karma in the Quran

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