An Introduction to the ‘Sciences of the Quran’

by Abu Ammar Yasir Qadi. This book is an excellent introduction to the Traditionalist ‘sciences’ which they use to understand the Quran. The only problem is, their claim to have been ‘taught by the Prophet’ seems to be quite tenuous if one goes by this book. There are so many contradictions in these sciences (all there, im not making this up!) that one must wonder, how on earth do they claim this?!

Whatever the case, this is a good book and i highly recommend it.

An Interesting View on Maryam

Marisa produced some tafseer magic a few days ago when she said: Perhaps “ibn” doesn’t mean “son”.      Maybe she was wondering how she could have a protege, since no person had “touched/influenced” her.

This is exactly how im feeling about the story of maryam and isa. I do take it on a literal dimension (it’s difficult not to, if I’m honest) but the lessons I extract from this is one of spiritual revolution leading to transformation of self and society. Marisa’s comment probably helped bring that view one step closer. Thanks Mar!