The ‘hadya’ of the Hajj

It seems to be ‘hajj’ season in Quranology Discussions (no pun intended) where Wakas asked for opinions on his view of 2/196. Interestingly, the question of the hadya came up, by Imraan Goondiwala:

A question about the “offerings”. Have you checked the few occurrences of the root which are usually translated as offerings and gifts to see if the understanding of guidance fit at all? They appear only in relation to hajj and the interaction between Solomon and the queen in chapter 27, as far as I know. Both these contexts seem to be capable of being understood in terms of guidance.

I wouldn’t say that the queen gave Sulaiman guidance in a spiritual sense. She gave him something to ‘guide’ him to invoke the right response from him maybe. So a hadya is something which ‘guides’ towards achieving the goal, which is the hajj.


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