Mohamed Shaikh’s Question About Islam

Mr Shaikh, a long-time stalwart of the Quran, is the founder of the IIPC and now features in the FB group Mohamed Shaikh IIPC asked a good question yesterday:

What is Islam?
What is Muslim?

My answer was this:


Islam = attainment of salam. If we look through out the Quran, we will see how ‘salam’ is used. For example, isa says:

Wa As-Salāmu `Alayya Yawma Wulidtu Wa Yawma ‘Amūtu Wa Yawma ‘Ub`athu Ĥayyāan (19/33)

This shows that if we follow the sunna… of isa, we will attain peace from the time we are (re)born to the time we die and to the time we are resurrected again.

Another good example is ch 7 (as-saffat). There are ayat there which say ‘salaamun ala xxxx fil 3alameen’ (peace upon the personality among the nations). Various personalities are mentioned here.See More