“Stoning” from a Quranist’s perspective

Onto more serious matters. Stoning (Ar Rajm – RJM) has been mentioned a lot recently (in particular on this FB post in the QRAC group) and I thought it would be useful to a have a list handy of the facts about what the Quran says about it.

This is clipped from http://free-minds.org/forum/index.php?topic=11237.msg267101#msg267101 please visit for the full article, excerpt is below:

“Look in the Qur’an and read WHO is saying they will do the RJM and to whom, and why.
in 11:91 the people to whom Shuayb was sent, say it to him because they don’t want to obey the message.
in 18:20 the people in the city will want to RJM the one in the cave OR return him to THEIR religion.
in 44:20 the messenger sent to the people of the Pharoah seeks refuge in Allah in case the people of the Pharoah want to RJM him.
in 19:46 Ibrahim’s father said it to Ibrahim because he didn’t agree with Ibrahim telling him not to worship the Shaytan.
in 36:18 2 messengers, strengthened by a 3rd are sent to the companions of the city and it is the people who don’t want to obey the message who want to RJM the messengers
in 26:116 The people who Nuh was trying to warn didn’t want to obey the message so they threatened to RJM him.”

And here is another link:

And another which talks about “The Goat that eats up the Quranic Verse” and the “Stoning of adulterous monkeys”: http://www.quranic.org/quran_article/26/rajm_stoning_to_death.htm#205

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4 Responses to “Stoning” from a Quranist’s perspective

  1. Robert Fisk says:

    Also see John Burton’s “Introduction to Hadith”. He covers how stoning to death for adultery came into being:

  2. Robert Fisk says:

    You may be interested to know the history of stoning in Islam has a controversial but interesting past. For example, as Joseph Schacht explains, many of the “shariah” laws came from many sources, Jewish, Christian, Roman, tribal etc and were later given Islamic justification. I am not sure if Schacht mentions stoning specifically, but John Burton introduces a very interesting hypothesis. He says that later jurists had trouble reconciling later practice with what was in The Quran, so they had to invent the story about stoning verse being eaten by a goat or destroyed etc BUT not only that, because if they invented this story, they’d have to ensure the compilation of The Quran was made to look to have taken place AFTER prophet Muhamamd’s death, so whilst many look at the traditional sources and say there is contradictions/disagreement about the compilation of The Quran, John Burton makes the case they are in perfect agreement: their sole function was the deliberate exclusion of prophet Muhammad as its compiler.

    • The story of that goat eating a Quranic verse is so ridiculous that I actually wonder why they didn’t come up with something smarter. How can any believer in the Quran who has read it well and thought it through to even suspect that some of God’s words were “gone down the drain” in such a disrespectful way?!

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