Ahwaa.org : Wrong name !

We had a new guy post a link to a Muslim LGBT group today on Quranology Discussions. The name of the group is ‘ahwaa’ (lusts). Way to go trying to dispel the myth that alternative lifestyles are about sex 😛

Renae : Do the Ulema know the truth about Hadith

Renae asked a good question in QRAC today: … Do the people of knowledge in our Ummah, the Imams and such, know the truth of hadith? Do they know Hikmah does NOT refer to sunnah? Do they know all this and teach it anyway like the Priests, or do they truly and sincerely believe there is no Islam without the application of Hadith?

I don’t know for sure, personally.  To me, we should take them for their words. It’s really hard to judge someone’s inner experience 🙂

Responding to Sheikh Feiz

Farouk A. Peru responds to Sheikh Feiz’s views about Quranists and clears up misconceptions about Quranists’ beliefs in this video:  “Responses to Critics” on Quranists Network TV Channel on Youtube

The following points are discussed in Part 1:

Point 1. “Rejecting the Sunnah”

Point 2. “Quranists claim the Quran is sufficient”

Point 3. “Quran cannot be understood without hadith”


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