What is Ayah?

Shorouq asked in Quranology Discussions today. What is an ayah? Well its a sign, a lesson but what strikes me most about it is, there are times when all ppl recognise it and when only believers do. Whatever the case is, we got a big study ahead of us for a true ‘feel’ of the word.


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One Response to What is Ayah?

  1. Mansoor says:

    in my opinion:
    one of the meaning “Ayat” is “verse” and other is “Sign”. so when Quran says that don’t sell may “Ayat” on low income” in another meaning would be that don’t sell my (Sign), water, air, other natural resources on low prices. It means “what the hell multinational companies are exploiting the humans to sell water and other natural resources. (God knows better), Get confirmed more from a scholar.

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