Kicking & Hitting

I saw this comment today on this FB thread

My Apartment is next to a Big Mosque in our Residential area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So I can hear Five Times Adan for Five Times Daily Salat. I am from a Muslim Majority country.
I know I would be out of this Muslim country soon for Australia. I will Not be able to hear such Adan in Australia often. Just I can attend the Friday Salat: Jummah only in Australian Mosque with Muslims from so many Muslim countries. I did the same in the USA too.

No “Quranists & ” Quranology” will dare to say that there is “No Five Times Daily Salat” in the Quran.
Every person in the Streets of Bangladesh will start Kicking & Hitting him/ her with everything.
No body will have the Courage to utter such Blasphemy word or speech on the very Fundamentals of Islam, Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet. Straight they would kill such persons without any consideration.They are Not Intellectuals or big people like us. They are the commoners and use their fists to eliminate the Enemies of Islam this way ! 
Sorry for their Reaction to the Insult of their Religion !!

It would be interesting to analyse why there would be such a reaction to such a statement. It makes me wonder… What is blasphemy? How does the Quran view blasphemy? Is “kicking and hitting”  prescribed by “Islam”? Is is prescribed by the Quran? What does the Quran say about freedom of speech? What does the Quran say about the “Sunnah of the Prophet”?
What does the Quran say about killing people without any consideration?    I wonder if the people of Bangladesh would be pleased to be presented in such a light and have such a spokesperson making these remarks on their behalf. Apart from the generalisation and the bigoted, condescending remarks made here about them, (not to mention the misrepresentation of islam as described by the Quran) it would appear that ignorance is the perfect excuse for socially unacceptable behaviour, no matter where you are from and no matter where you live. Maybe it is time for things to change.

I was reminded of a Supernanny video  (skip to 5 mins 20)  It might help with the “hitting and kicking” problem if the technique is used at a young enough age.

Where is the story of the Ibrahim and the Bird?

2/260 was mentioned by Veronica in QRAC today. It made me notice the context (always a good thing). Here is my response:

I’d also humbly suggest looking at the context of this ayah (2/260) which is the call to the believers (2/254-263). It seems to be dealing with the process through which believers attain the guardianship of Allah (2/257). It begins with spending in His way (2/254) which is equivalent to holding on the the strongest of bonds (2/256). I believe 2/260 about ibrahim and the birds must fit this ‘tone’.


Why is slavery wrong?

These are weird questions like the one in QD today but I think worth asking. To me, intuition tells me its wrong to ‘own’ people. People should be set free to pursue their own destinities. This is not an objective truth (i.e. people do not agree with this in their action) but an internal truth to me.