Why is slavery wrong?

These are weird questions like the one in QD today but I think worth asking. To me, intuition tells me its wrong to ‘own’ people. People should be set free to pursue their own destinities. This is not an objective truth (i.e. people do not agree with this in their action) but an internal truth to me.


About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

3 Responses to Why is slavery wrong?

  1. Mansoor says:

    In my opinion, Slavery is the punishment for defeated Kafir nation.

  2. bilf says:

    Slavery is allowed in Qur’an. But I’m sure you can find a root word to change that, too 😉

    • You know, there’s this Shrink… he’s really good. I could ring him for you.

      Anyway, if you believe the Quran allows slavery, meh. Just don’t enslave anyone because the authorities won’t be happy. I find it comical how so many people want to study the Quran using faulty root words and meanings.

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